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How we started


Every new idea starts with a problem. As loyal Apple customers ourselves, we wouldn't trade the classic, easy to use earphones with any other brand. But could we transform them just enough to make them a little more playful and easier to use? So we came up with the idea!

Hand dressed Apple earphones that  would be tangle free and at the same time in a variety of colours to match your every day mood. We created them and tested them day in,  day out, for a whole year under different circumstances, and saw they stayed in one piece after hard use, such as handbags full of stuff, at the beach, at the gym or even on rides with the bicycle! So full of creativity and passion for what we do we are now proud to introduce to you Tanglfree.

Why Tanglfree?


Tired of searching and detangling your earphones?

Let us help you with that!

TANGLFREE earphones promises and delivers to never ever consume another  second thinking "Oh! Not again!

We are aware that many people have a difficult time using earphones around the clock. After trying many products on the market many quit using them because, either they struggle finding them or put up a fight detangling them... We bet quite a few are unhappy with their earphones colour! What about matching your favourite T-Shirt's colour to your design awarded earphones? That's exactly what we deliver!

Tanglfree are Apple earphones, hand dressed  with the finest quality Italian & Swiss cotton yarn in 38 different colours. The volume  of our product is twice as thick and much more solid, thefore when you reach to find them, you simply can't miss them! Additionally we enure you'll only need a second to unwrap them, as no other product on the market. 

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